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Bamboo Skateboards

  1. We did it! Olympic Skateboarding in 2020!

    We did it! Olympic Skateboarding in 2020!

    Skateboarding in the Olympics? It's only the beginning... It's a momentous time for skaters everywhere. Skate parks popping up in so many new cities. More widespread acceptance of skating across the country. And now, skaters going to the Olympics. It's really incredible how skaters have made such a positive impact on the world and how we've overcome such negative stereotypes...
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  2. Free Bamboo Socks!

    FREE BAMBOO SOCKS! Everyone that buys our newly released Native and Traveler boards will get a free pair of bamboo socks! It was only a matter of time... Among the many wonderful things we can make with bamboo, first up are our new bamboo socks!  Seriously you've never worn socks this soft in your life, unless of course you've worn bamboo...
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  3. Introducing our new Team Manager - Tom Steele

     Tom with a textbook 360 flip to fakie in our latest ad!   Hey Tom, first off let's start with you telling us about yourself for those who don’t already know who you are? Yeah okay, I’ll keep it short! My name’s Tom Steele, I’m 27 years old from a country called Wales in the UK! It’s a beautiful...
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