You have the perfect skateboards and friends who enjoy skating as much as you do ... but you might not have access to decent parks in your community, or more likely, they don't allow skating at the parks. Do you want a new skatepark in your community?

Tony Hawk, San Diego native, can help you get that new skatepark.

The Tony Hawk Foundation, founded by (who else?) Tony Hawk, provides both funds and the development model for public skateparks. Follow the foundation's 10-step plan you'll have a new skatepark before you know it!

  1. Define (with your friends) the idea for your dream skatepark
  2. Present your concept to your city's leadership
  3. Choose the park location and get everyone’s approval
  4. Find a nonprofit that can manage the project
  5. Launch a fundraising campaign to raise just half of the funds from your community
  6. Find major donors, like the Tony Hawk Foundation (or others)
  7. Get a designer to create the park blueprints
  8. Build the park. Now, dare to visualize you and other skateboarders enjoying it!
  9. Establish park policy and it is grand opening time!

Bamboo Skateboards needs your help to bring new skateparks to communities around the country!

Who could have better ideas for skateparks than fellow skaters? We hope we've convinced you to start sketching and share the great park ideas with friends and us. We would love to know and help! You can get us on Instagram @bambooskateboards.