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Product Warranty

Request a Return, Credit, or Exchange

Bamboo Skateboards believes in our brand and we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We are proud of the fact that we have a very low number of warranty claims. Here is a summary of what’s covered, what’s not covered and how to submit a claim if you feel that you have a legitimate warranty claim

Warranty Against Defects

All our decks are covered by a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is expected with normal use. So, here’s a breakdown of what’s covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s Not Covered?

Here’s a short list of the type of damage that falls outside our warranty:

  1. Nose and tail damage due to impact: We can tell -- we’ve been skating for decades.
  2. Rail damage from impact: If you throw bamboo against concrete, the concrete will always win.
  3. Boards that have been run over by a car: It happens. If you can catch up with a reckless driver, try to get their license plate number, their driver’s license, and their insurance card to file a claim.
  4. Scratches,surface cracks and minor chips: the nature and aesthetic of a skateboard is that is should look well used.
  5. Snapped or cracked boards due to impact: although early grabs, tiger claws, and jumps are fun, they may compromise your board. Air at your own risk and land with your feet in the right spot.
  6. If you have gone through the above items and feel that your board is covered under our warranty, we want to hear from you. Please fill in all details in the form below.
  7. Once we receive the completed information below, your claim will be processed. It can take up to 21 days to approve, but typically we process them in less than a week. Warranty claims that qualify will have two options: A) You will be refunded to the original payment source for the full amount paid including shipping to the credit or debit card that you used to pay. Or B) If you would like a replacement, let us know and we will ground ship it to you right away after it's approved. We will make arrangements with you for returning the defective product at no cost to you.

If you have gone through the above items and feel that your board is covered under warranty then we want to hear from you.

Product Information

Photo or scanned image of your receipt

Provide us with a description and pictures of the issue. We need a full shot of both the top and bottom of the board as well as detailed, in focus picture of the damaged area.

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