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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order a sick bamboo deck to your country?
Yes, we ship to other countries, you can go to the calculate shipping in your shopping cart and if we don’t it will say unavailable.
How do I get free stickers?
Free…. Ha… but seriously, mail us a self-addressed stamped envelope to our address below and we can mail you back a sticker. Bamboo Skateboards c/o Stickers 1917 Rainbow Valley Blvd. Fallbrook, CA 92028
What is the difference between a Longboard and Shortboard Skateboard?
The generic answer to this question is that Longboards are generally in the 36”- 60”range. Shortboards are generally referred to as “Mini-Longboards” or “Cruisers” with a range of 24”-35”. Now that companies have increased the quality of bushings and trucks sizes, Mini-Longboards have the feel and turning radius of a traditional Longboard.
How do I choose between a Longboard and a Shortboard?
It really depends on what you want to do with the skateboard and how well you ride it. You can ride a Mini-Longboard in all types of conditions. Most students that need to commute on a campus tend to like a skateboard that is easy maneuver and carry with them when there is more than normal congestion. A Longboard will serve equally as well, however, Longboards are normally heavier and longer which makes walking with them difficult. If you are planning to bomb hills with your friends, you should consider something in the range of 38”-46”.
Why does my skateboard not go straight?
Truck Bushings are to blame for this. Truck bushings are either rubber or plastic which are designed to absorb your turns. Therefore, it does take a little time for the bushing to bend back to their original position.
How do I maintain my skateboard?
We recommend that you not ride your skateboard through puddles, rain, or in the sand. About every six months you should have your bushings replaced. Old bushings do flatten and become stiff after time.
Can I use WD40 on my bearings?
NO. Adding lubricants to the exterior of your bearing casings will on attract more dirt to the bearing. WD40 is just a quick fix for your skateboard.
Why do I lose control when I go down hills?
If you are attempting to go down large hills you should be aware that you may get “speed wobbles” on your board. At higher speeds your trucks are more responsive so every slight movement you take will do much more because of this, over corrections will lead to speed wobbles, where your board oscillates back and forth out of control and eventually pitching you from the board if you can’t control it. To prevent this from happening a simple fix is to simply tighten down your back truck.
When do I know I need new bearings?
Some bearings do make noise after time. That does not necessarily mean that you should buy new bearings. Check the speed of your wheels by giving them a quick revolution. You will know if you need a new set of bearings if the wheels stop suddenly. The good news is that bearings are relatively inexpensive.
What is the difference between “Reverse-Kingpin” and “Traditional” skateboard trucks?
Reverse-kingpin trucks are named so because the kingpin is on the opposite side of the axle as opposed to traditional skateboard trucks. In terms of ride, reverse-kingpin trucks tend to turn much more than traditional trucks making them better for carving and lean turning as opposed to kick-turning. However, reverse-kingpin trucks are taller than traditional skateboard trucks which raises the ride-height of the board a little bit.
Someone told me to flip my hanger, what does that mean?
On reverse-kingpin trucks the hanger is flat allowing it to be removed and turned over 180 degrees. This changes two important things, first it lowers the ride height of the trucks, secondly it changes the turning characteristics of the trucks by changing how the hanger interacts with the bushings. Generally flipping the hanger will lower ride height and make the trucks less responsive. For most applications the hanger does not need to be flipped.
How much does shipping cost?
In your shopping cart you can click calculate shipping and enter your country, state and zip code to accurately find out what your exact shipping cost and method of shipping will be for your order.
How do I know if my order was placed successfully?
After your order is submitted you will be directed to an order confirmation page with your order number. If you’ve reached this page, you can be assured your order did go through and will be processed. You should also receive an email confirmation shortly after your order is submitted.
Does Bamboo Skateboards ship to P.O. Boxes or Military APO/FPO addresses?
Most domestic orders ship with FedEx and they do not deliver to P.O. Boxes or Military APO/FPO addresses but you can select the US Post Service (USPS) which does ship to those address. International orders ship via USPS and orders to Canada often are less expensive and ship faster with FedEx.
You think your board broke too soon?
Check out our warranty section where you can fill out your information and upload 3 pictures of the board.