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About us

Bamboo Skateboards is located in beautiful Rainbow, in Northern San Diego county California. In 2008, we learned that the craze for maple skateboards was having a destructive effect on old-growth forests. It takes 60 years for a maple tree to mature enough to harvest. We decided to accept the challenge of creating an eco-friendly alternative to maple decks that provides superior durability, pop, performance, all at a competitive cost.

Social Responsibility

Bamboo Skateboards is a socially-responsible company who believes that protecting our environment is as important or more important than quarterly profits.

Additional Bamboo Skateboard Advantages

Whether you are looking for a street deck for your local park, or want to cruise around campus or your neighborhood with one of our cruisers or longboards, we have what you are looking for. Skating bamboo connects with nature; it trains both mind and body and connects us with a broader community of positive, peaceful, health conscious people.

Bamboo skateboards are perfect for skaters that are passionate about free riding and carving. Our longboards are great for downhill racing and cruising at fast speeds. If you’re ready to push your skating to the next level, Bamboo can take you there.

  • Bamboo is naturally shock-absorbent to help prevent your deck from cracking.
  • Bamboo skateboards are lighter and stronger than maple. So, you get more “pop” when performing tricks and refining your skills.
  • Nothing performs better than bamboo.
  • Bamboo absorbs impact better than maple. Your Bamboo skateboard will resist cracking and provide top performance far longer than maple. Bamboo not only helps us create a better board, it’s also the socially-responsible choice.
  • Buying directly from enables us to offer great pricing. Our overhead is lower, so we can pass along savings. See what’s trending right now. Experienced skater? Build your own board with our online tool while you see the results in real time.